You never know what photo you’re going to take.

So last night I was in the final minutes of a shoot with some clients in the Sheep Meadow in Central Park. As has sometimes been the case, a random stranger walking by saw us and asked if he could watch. I never mind, and seeing as it’s a public space, I don’t really have a lot of say so anyway. But this particular stranger was interested because he’s also into photography, so he sat behind and observed as we wrapped up.

It turns out this particular stranger was a really cool guy by the name of Nico; a cyclist and street photographer visiting from Washington D.C. for the weekend. After the shoot, just before I started breaking down, he asked if I could take his photo with his bike. I always like an opportunity to photograph something or someone different, so I happily obliged. I’m glad he asked because I think the result actually came out really nice.

Nico and I both share a love of street photography, and being able to create an example like this on a chance meeting is always great. Nico’s got a great look to begin with and I love his Specialized Taxi-style bike. Combined with Central Park and the NYC Skyline at sunset, the result is a unique look at an awesome character. Thanks Nico!

If you want to check out some of Nico’s work during his travels, head over to his Instagram at: @nicoromeroz

Anjali and Drew Wedding Preview

I don’t know what’s better; photographing a beautiful and colorful wedding or getting to celebrate it with friends. I’ve known Anjali and Drew for a long time and I was so happy to be a part of their wedding day, capturing all the special moments as they became man and wife at the Center for Innovative Technology in Herndon, Virginia. They also had a lovely bride making ceremony the night before the wedding at Anjali’s parents house where friends and family got to share in this tradition.

And you can’t beat the stunning array of vibrant colors and rich culture that comes with an Indian wedding. Moments like the bride cutting the coconut, or the groom leading her by the hand as they walked around their wedding altar stand out as amazing memories. Everyone had an incredible time and I had just as incredible a time capturing all of it. Enjoy the photos!

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Spring in NYC

Spring is in the air here in NYC, or so my allergies tell me. But I’m just so happy for the mild temperatures and beautiful blooms popping up everywhere, I’m not minding so much.

It’s with that in mind that I’ve been snapping away using my new cell phone’s camera (Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge) when out for walks. Thought I’d share some of those photos here!

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A New Look for 2015!

I’m happy to officially announce the new 2015 website re-design for is ready and launched!

Truth be told, it’s been a bit of a soft launch over the past few weeks. Unlike some of my past website revisions, this one came with a move to a whole new server and a much different system running in the background, so I wanted to make sure everything was working well before making any announcements. But now most of the new content is up and ready, so here it is!

Some of the exciting new features besides the much fresher paint job is an overall increase of speed for a better viewing experience, brand new beautiful galleries, and new sections with updated information. Obviously the site is (as always) a work in progress, and I’ll be adding new photos and information on an ongoing basis. Also keep your eyes open for some more exciting features coming in the next few months! But for now, please click around and enjoy the new site and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Greeting Cards by Paula & Waffle

Not so long ago I was contacted by Paula of Paula & Waffle to photograph some of her many amazing custom greeting cards. Paula and her pup Waffle have created a great many amazing cards, and they are all available for purchase on their website.

I wanted to post some here because she is really talented and brings a very unique style to each that I very much enjoyed photographing. Plus, with Valentine’s day right around the corner, you couldn’t find a better card for your sweetie! So check out some of her “Love” cards plus some other selections from my personal favorites below, then head over to and buy some of your own! Tell them that Pete Labrozzi Photography sent you!

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The Past 18 Months of my Life as a Photographer and a Daddy

I thought I’d take a moment for a personal post today. For the past four years my full time job has been running my photography and multimedia company. 18 months ago however, I started my new job as stay-at-home daddy to Zoey Labrozzi. Balancing both being a photographer and a dad has definitely had its ups and downs. With constant shoots and photo edits paired up with a growing baby who requires a lot of your attention, striking a balance between getting work done and raising a child has been both exhilarating and exhausting. My website/blog and Facebook page have certainly suffered from the lack of time!

But the truth is I wouldn’t trade doing either for a million bucks. Doing what I love, and raising this little person that has shown me love has no bounds has been an incredible experience, and I consider myself lucky to be able to do both. Of course the added benefit is being able to chronicle my daughter’s life in photos. So I wanted to share her today, from first newborn photo, to yesterday’s 18 month “birthday”. I photographed her once a month for her first year, then took a break until she reached the 18 month mark. Seeing her grow and change in these photos is beautiful, and I am so proud to share them here. Enjoy!

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Fordham Family Preview

I’m playing a little catch up with the website on this sunny memorial day weekend! So I thought I’d share a preview of a wonderful family I was privileged to photograph. We’ve got three generations of Sag Harbor’s Fordham family as photographed on Haven’s Beach. The kids did an amazing job, and so did the adults!

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Manhattan Society Climbers – Climb to the Top 2014

I was happy to be a part of the MS Society’s Climb to the Top 2014 event this morning. My good friend Lori is the team captain of the Manhattan Society Climbers who for two years in a row have been the top fund raising team for the entire event. This year they raised a staggering number for the MS Society; nearly 40 thousand dollars! The event itself sees the participants climb all 66 flights of stairs to the very top of Rockefeller Center, a feat in and of itself. I was on hand to capture the team photo as well as individuals of all the climbers. Please join me in congratulating them on their monumental accomplishments in helping out those suffering from multiple sclerosis. Here are the photos!

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