Portrait Pricing

For family and lifestyle portrait shoots I offer some of the most competitive rates around. Session rates are based on the amount of time you’d like and offers an unlimited number of photos taken as well as digital download and print options. You receive high-res digital copies, no print orders required!

If you have any questions, would like to book a session or purchase a gift card please contact me today!

À La Carte Pricing

The Pete Labrozzi Photography à la carte portrait session let's YOU choose! First select your amount of time; starting with 30 minute mini-sessions and up, you decide what amount of time works best for you. Then after the shoot you'll be provided with an online proof gallery to select your favorites. Purchase your photos at my affordable per-image rates and receive them in a shareable online gallery (with print options) and a digital download of the full sized high-res images with personal use copyright release, yours to share and print however and wherever you like.
  • À La Carte Portrait Session
  • $125

    per hour sitting fee
  • Unlimited number of photos taken
  • Select your own photos from an online proof gallery
  • Your selections will be retouched by me personally
  • Gallery with social sharing and print options
  • Digital download of your selections
  • Personal use copyright release
Choose how many and which photos you want!
With the à la carte session you'll be given the option to pick your photos from an online proof gallery. The more you select, the more you save!
1-10 Images - $5.00/Image
11-25 Images - $4.00/Image
26 - 50 images - $3.00/image
51-100 images - $2.00/image
101-150 images - $1.75/image
151-unlimited images - $1.50/image

How much time should I choose?

Here's my suggestions on the amount of time to select for your session!
  • Mini Session
  • 30 Minutes

    $75 sitting fee
  • Best for some nice photos in a single location or for very young children.
  • Family Session
  • 1 Hour

    $125 sitting fee
  • Best for families but good for anyone, an hour will give us time to explore a few locations while not burning out the kids (or adults).
  • Portrait Session
  • 90 Minutes

    $187.50 sitting fee
  • The most popular amount of time for portraits, we'll have plenty of time to explore multiple locations and get some really great shots!
  • Mobile Session
  • 2 Hours

    $250 sitting fee
  • If you really want to move around to a variety of locations this session is the right one for you. Allows for the most travel time between locations.
*** Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Price changes are effective on a specific date and will be billed at the revised price. Bookings received prior to this specific date will not be adjusted to reflect the revised price. Extra time, if required on the day of the session, will be billed at a rate of $25 per each additional 10 mins requested.