Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions? Here are answers to some of the common questions I receive…

How much do you charge to photograph weddings?

Each and every wedding I photograph is unique, and I want to work with you to hand-craft the ideal package for you. That’s why I have created several pre-made packages to choose from that all offer savings, as well as a create-your-own package option!

But to give you a rough idea, on average my packages span from about $1,200 – $3,500. But I offer services that cater from the bride-on-a-budget to all out destination wedding extravaganzas! Contact me now to inquire about your own custom package today!

Where do you primarily photograph weddings?

I am New York City, Westchester and Hamptons based and cover most of the events I’m hired for in those areas. Of course, the rest of Long Island in between is included and I will certainly travel to surrounding areas if possible!

However, outside of a certain range I have to consider your event as a “destination wedding”. And for more information on that, see the next question!

Do you photograph destination weddings?

Absolutely! While my primary stomping grounds are New York City, Westchester and the Hamptons, I am available to travel anywhere your heart desires!

Say the word and I’ll start packing my bags to travel to your exotic getaway wedding! However, travel fees may apply. Typically this is just travel to/from your location and lodging (if needed), and I’ll work with you to make sure this is an expense that stays as low as I can help it.

What is your style?

My style is purely my own. No doubt you’ve heard the words “photojournalistic” or “traditional”. Some photographers choose to work only in one of these photographic styles. Personally, I like to do a bit of both!

If you want a purely photojournalistic look for your wedding with absolutely no posed photos, I can do that. But if you want to get a nice portrait with grandma, I’m not going to look down my nose at you! I want to cover your day in a way that will provide images that make you happy!

Outside of that, I typically like to use a lot of color and tend to favor portrait (vertical) images over landscape (horizontal). I like my photographs to *pop* and spend a lot of time during the wedding and in post making sure each photo does just that!

What do you do with my photos after the wedding and what do I get when you’re done?

After your wedding I will download, back-up and post-process all of your photos. Working with your images takes usually 1-2 months. I personally post-process each one by hand to make sure they look their best! When they are ready, I upload them to your very own personal online proof gallery. The proof gallery is great because you can see your photos almost as soon as they are done! You can keep your gallery private or share the link with family and friends.

What you will receive depends on the options you select when building your wedding package. You or any of your friends & family can purchase prints and other merchandise with your photos quickly and easily from your proof gallery. Soon your photos will be printed by a professional printing house I have partnered with, and delivered right to your door!

If you opt for a digital download of all your photos, they will be delivered via email links which you can use to download everything right to your home computer’s desktop. With personal printing and sharing copyrights you can choose any printer you like to fulfill print orders, or simply post away on Facebook.

I’m just looking for engagement photos right now, is that OK?

Sure it is! I am a firm believer in engagement photos. It’s a fun thing for newly engaged couples to do together and is great practice for the big day! An engagement session will help you form ideas for poses you like, and provide you with a set of images you can use for save-the-dates, invitations or just breaking the big news to family and friends!

Will you capture my proposal?

Absolutely! Some of my favorite moments have been capturing an unsuspecting bride-to-be when her man gets down on one knee, breaks out that gorgeous sparkly rock and asks her to spend the rest of her life with him. I have had the privilege of doing just this many times and it never gets old!

And before you ask, I am a veritable James Bond when it comes to snapping those photos without being too obtrusive. “Don’t mind me, I’m just some guy taking a few photos of these lovely flowers/birds/people who are not you.” As soon as you get down on your knee, I swing into action and catch that look of shock on her face so you can re-live it all over again! (Ladies, you are more than welcome to contact me about proposing to him too, it’s more typically been the other way around though!)

What other types of photo sessions do you offer besides engagement and wedding photography?

Actually I offer several other photo sessions. There are Day After, Rock/Wreck the Dress and Anniversary just to name a few popular choices…

Day After, like it sounds, usually takes place on or about the day after your wedding. Frazzled nerves aside we can relax and capture some nice photos of you and your sweetie either in full wedding garb or something more casual.

Rock/Wreck the Dress is great for capturing some really fun and interesting photos after your wedding. You’ve spent maybe thousands of dollars on a dress you’re not intending to wear again and no longer care if it gets a little dirty! Let’s go to the beach or your favorite field of flowers! Heck, let’s go to the most gritty, industrial, urban area you can find! Sky’s the limit!

It may seem crazy to even think about your first anniversary if your wedding day isn’t even here yet, but if you’re the type to plan ahead, an Anniversary photo session can be a great gift to yourself. Squeeze back into your gown and tux and relive the happiest day of your life. Or show how far you’ve come in a year! Got a new furry friend or bouncing baby? Bring them along and make it a family affair!

Do you offer any additional services?

I offer a variety of services outside of what you can find around my page here, so if you have something specific in mind, contact me and we can hash out the details. In the meantime, do check out the page listing some more of my services which you can find right here.

As you’ll see I cover everything from printing services to special effects, slide shows to albums and a little sprinkling of everything else in between. I could really go into a lot more detail about the various services, but it’s probably just easier to call or send an e-mail and I can answer any questions you may have.

Do you require a minimum amount of hours?

I typically ask for a minimum of 4 hours for most events. The rate I charge will usually cover the amount of work that goes into photographing on the day of and the work after to post-process your images and establishing a minimum helps make sure of that.

However, if you are looking to have a shorter wedding, or maybe skipping a formal reception, contact me and we can try to work something out.

What do you do when you’re not photographing weddings?

Wow, I’m so glad you asked! I have always been a creative individual and when I had a chance to break off and start my own company, I took it! I now run a full-time business called Pete Labrozzi Media & Photography.

Believe it or not, I am a photographer who specializes in several other areas besides weddings. Some of my work includes commercial, portrait, headshot, family and pet photography. You can see examples of some of that in my portfolio.

The other wing of my business, the “Media” in Pete Labrozzi Media and Photography, covers graphic and web design, animation, video services and audio editing. A couple of words that don’t do much to describe the variety of the work!

When I’m not working, I’m usually doing a lot of the same out of personal taste. I enjoy landscape and travel photography, and am working on putting together a photography book from my travels in my ancestral country, Italy.

I am also an avid gamer, cyclist, skier and enjoy kicking back outside with my Kindle! One of my favorite pastimes is collecting passport stamps as I travel the globe. My wife and I celebrated our 8th anniversary this past year, we have a beautiful daughter Zoey, and a wonderful fuzzy child (read: dog) named Gus.