So last night I was in the final minutes of a shoot with some clients in the Sheep Meadow in Central Park. As has sometimes been the case, a random stranger walking by saw us and asked if he could watch. I never mind, and seeing as it’s a public space, I don’t really have a lot of say so anyway. But this particular stranger was interested because he’s also into photography, so he sat behind and observed as we wrapped up.

It turns out this particular stranger was a really cool guy by the name of Nico; a cyclist and street photographer visiting from Washington D.C. for the weekend. After the shoot, just before I started breaking down, he asked if I could take his photo with his bike. I always like an opportunity to photograph something or someone different, so I happily obliged. I’m glad he asked because I think the result actually came out really nice.

Nico and I both share a love of street photography, and being able to create an example like this on a chance meeting is always great. Nico’s got a great look to begin with and I love his Specialized Taxi-style bike. Combined with Central Park and the NYC Skyline at sunset, the result is a unique look at an awesome character. Thanks Nico!

If you want to check out some of Nico’s work during his travels, head over to his Instagram at: @nicoromeroz